Book Review: My Life With 40 Parents by Christopher Brooks

So this is a review of a very amazing book. This book is definitely not meant for the weak-hearted. This is a very raw book about an adult who went through indescribable situations

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The Eldest Sibling. Do you feel obligated?

As far back as I can remember, I hated being the oldest. It seems like everything was tougher on me, I get blamed for everything, and sometimes I get no break because my siblings always needed me. Even though sometimes it would be hard being the oldest, I love my siblings very much. It wasn’t until I became an adult that I realized just how hard it is to be the oldest if you are someone like myself. Me personally, I’m a helper. I see the mistakes that I’ve done, think about everything that I can do better and try to give the best advice so my siblings won’t fail but flourish and grow without making the same or even worse mistakes. Through this journey I realize that times changed. Every child got treated differently so in my household, everybody saw things a different way. I had a grow up very fast, and was on my own at a very young age. So employment, looking for resources, taking care of myself, was learned very quickly . There certain things that my younger siblings never well understand. My story on how being the eldest sibling hurts me is that it is very unfortunate to try to help out your younger ones but they don’t want it, or they’re still going through some immature moments in their life, so they make bad decisions and see you as the bad guy for just trying to give them the best advice in order for their life to be changed. It is frustrating when they don’t understand how doing something can impact their lives so greatly or even kill them. Another thing is that it’s unfortunate if they just don’t see how either trying to hurt themselves while you’re trying to lift them up. It is so crucial to try not to fail because it’s so hard to get back up. I had to stray away from most of my siblings and there was one left. One that I tried to help, one that I would always answer the phone too if she needed help, and one that I rushed to help when she felt lost. I tried doing everything possible from communicating, just staying silent and try to be there, try to joke, try to offer support to do whatever it is that she wanted and it wasn’t enough. She didn’t see what she’s worth. She still doesn’t see what she’s worth. She plays a front. I’m sure that she might act like she’s okay but her world is lonely. As the eldest sibling, even if I am very strict, even if I know I cannot do anything if the person does not want help, it crushes me inside to know that the one I care about the most is probably somewhere she cannot even call home. Somewhere she probably doesn’t feel comfortable at 100%. When were young and just children we fight for just about everything. We fight about clothes, shoes, what show we’re going to watch, toys, and anything else we can think of.

Though there’s only so much we can do, no matter what I always feel and still feel obligated to help. Even though they don’t want it. Even though she doesn’t want it. I’m always going to be there. No matter what happens. I wonder if any other eldest siblings feel this way.

Parenting is as difficult as trying to find the socks your washer ate.

So here’s 2 out of 3 babies pictured. They are characters. Heehee. Before we have kids, I think we all have that idea that we are just going to have the perfect child that is going to be completely well-rounded, is not going to be picky, and we’re going to train them so well into having that sleep schedule to where we’re going to be able to get a good night sleep ourselves as parents. Then reality sets in. Some babies do great and are trained
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Sexual Abuse: Part 2 : Aftermath


At the end of my first post about this I was talking about, As I matured I just remembered getting the validation I knew but did not want to believe. My Mother will bring down anyone who stands in her way. She is selfish!  This is something that I never wanted to believe, not to mention say. After I left I still craved my mothers love, my mothers approval. How could I not, she is Continue reading

Sexual Abuse: Why? What should I do? #MeToo



This content may be disturbing and detrimental to  audiences. Please be advised that this is my personal experience.  If it helps anyone come out and speak, to know that there are a lot of us, that I am here for you, I am doing my job ! Before I speak more, This is the Instagram post that made me finally speak out and gave me the courage to write this blog post.  Continue reading

iMustech hiking survival tool

I have gotten so many different survival tools and some have worked well, some haven’t. This tool has a bottle opener, u.s. ruler, metric ruler, spoon, fork, five Imperial and metric wrenches, Carabiner, flat-head screwdriver, nail puller and bit holder. In all honesty I love the idea and everything on the tool worked when tested. The only thing that I would suggest the company to change is to make the spoon less round and make the fork more like an actual fork. I give this a 4 out of 5 for durability, usage and design. Its also for a great price. Purchase yours here 

I got this product free for my honest review. 

Silicone Baking Pan

I have never used a silicone baking pan for muffins. I decided to make egg fritatas to test this baking pan. I will say you should have something stiff under it when sticking it in the oven since it is silicone. I did not ass any butter or cooking spray as I wanted to see of the food would stick. Inreally enjoyed using this baking pan and would recommend it to anyone.y fritatas came out soft, fluffy and did not stick to the baking pan. I liked that i did not have to add any non stick spray.  Get yours here . I think anyone that bakes. I got this at discount and reviewed this using my own words and opinions